Diabetic shoes or footwear are specially made shoe inserts or shoes designed to lessen skin breakdown in diabetic patients with foot infections. This kind of shoes is prescribed by a doctor and are made and fitted by a qualified pedorthist and is made with a detachable foot orthotic that could either be arch supports, shoe inserts or shoe fillers. The diabetic footwear is meant to help a person with diabetes foot disease in improving their mobility and avoid additional injury to the injured foot.


A frequent complication of diabetes is foot ulcer also commonly known as diabetic foot disease. High blood sugar damages the capillaries that supply blood to the nerves. Eventually, when the nerves do not get sufficient blood supply it becomes damaged and this usually occur in the lower limbs, frequently the foot. Nerve damage usually results to numbness or loss of sensation to temperature changes and pain which in turn can cause an infection. For diabetics, this could be disastrous since their wounds do not heal easily and could lead to more potentially severe complications that could even result to amputation.

A good diabetic management plan is required to keep the sugar levels normal. But if you already have a foot infection or even if you are only experiencing reduced sensations or feeling on one foot or both feet, you’ll be well advised to get diabetic footwear.

Improper shoes or footwear can cause pressure ulcers and other minor foot injuries. If you’re diabetic, any foot injury, however minor it is, could develop into a more serious problem. And since your sense of sensation on your feet is reduced, it is very difficult to tell whether your ordinary shoes are comfortable. Diabetic footwear is advised to ensure that your feet are protected.


Although diabetic footwear is a bit pricey, its benefits compensate for the cost. It is made consistent to stringent standards with customized orthotic such as shoe inserts, arch supports, wedge, heels and more included. These orthotic guarantee a perfect fit, lessen the menace of foot injury and give better mobility. The special footwear for diabetics is a good investment since it helps in avoiding the potentially immobilizing complications of foot disease.

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